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STEM Education

Primary School Resources

In collaboration with primary school teachers and Teach First, SSE has created our ‘Power Changers’ suite of STEM lessons for primary aged pupils across the United Kingdom and Ireland. These lessons incorporate the Skills Builder essential skills framework and have been designed to help pupils understand their role and the exciting possibilities available to them in their future.

As an inclusive employer, SSE understands the benefits of inspiring everyone to consider the Energy sector and the wide range of Green skills we will require. The change of the scale and nature needed to achieve net zero brings social consequences, impacting people – employees, consumers, communities, suppliers, and wider society – in many different ways. Our recently published Just Transition Strategy provides a framework of 20 principles, helping to guide our decision-making and influence greater fairness for those impacted by the decline of high-carbon economic activity and increase the opportunities of climate action.

We know that STEM-based education for pupils at the primary phase is incredibly important. The lessons found in these booklets teach children much more than science, technology, engineering and mathematical concepts; they also focus on hands-on learning and real-world application, allowing them to develop and build the essential skills such as problem solving, creativity, critical thinking and teamwork.

By working with educators, we hope that together we can inspire a whole new generation of innovative and inquiring minds.


STEM Educational downloads

We have created various educational resources for schools. There are six subjects which are each designed as stand alone lessons.

You can choose to download by subject or, alternatively, you can download the full 'Power Changers' Education suite which includes all subjects and the associated resources.


Download full 'Power Changers' Education suite overview

STEM Lessons

Learning from the Past

Years 1 & 2 / Primary 2 & 3


Changing the Way we Live

Years 1 & 2 / Primary 2 & 3



Years 3 & 4 / Primary 4 & 5


Future Skills

Years 3 & 4 / Primary 4 & 5


Greenhouse Gas & Net Zero

Years 5 & 6 / Primary 6 & 7


Jobs for the Future

Years 5 & 6 / Primary 6 & 7


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