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Whether you’re studying for a degree, training for a marathon, have caring or parental duties, or simply just need some flexibility, we equip our employees with the tools they need to fit work around life.

The way we work at SSE - is about harnessing the benefits of flexibility, balanced with the need to connect and work together in the most effective way. For our office workers, this will mean a hybrid approach with a blend of working from home and in the office. For our front line employees, it may mean opportunities for flexibility across the working week, where operational requirements allow. To get it right, we’ll be open-minded, creative and innovative. One size will not fit all – each employee, manager and team will work together to find the most suitable approach. 


What Flexible First Involves

The following core principles set out HOW we work under Flexible First: 

Efficiency_Line.pngProductivity and performance

We agree clear performance objectives and focus on output, not presence. 


We create an environment which promotes trust and inclusion, and which enables people to get the job done in the best way for them. 

Building_Line.pngTeam work and collaboration 

We use our time together in the office to focus on team working, coaching and mentoring team members and knowledge exchange. 


We value everyone’s contribution equally by holding meetings where we aim to participate in the same way, - either virtually or in person - and give consideration to when people are available. We use “focus hours” where internal meetings are limited to specific times of day. 

Inclusion_and_Diversity_Line.pngEnabling choice 

We work where we are most productive, based on what we need to achieve and what works best for our business, our colleagues, our customers and ourselves. 

Target_Tax_and_Wages_Line.pngGiving our new joiners the best experience 

We recognise that our newest team members will need more face to face time with managers and colleagues. 


We continue to make health and wellbeing a priority, take care of ourselves and each other and ensure we have a good work/life balance. 

Numbers to be proud of 





What our employees have to say about flexible working

Thank you to everyone who has worked on ‘Flexible First’. As someone who has been with SSE for 13 years (and over to OVO for a brief spell following the sale of SSE Energy Services/Retail, then back to SSE again since August 2020), these changes make me want to continue working for SSE. This approach is progressive, sensible and very welcomed!
- Shaun Hodge, Communications Policy Manager, SSEN


I started working with SSEN Transmission back in November last year and joined through the STEM Returners programme.  I’d taken a four year career break after my second child and although I was very keen (and ready) to return to industry, I didn’t want to be full time.

My manager has been incredibly supportive of flexible working from the outset and, currently, I work three days a week with two shorter days and one longer one to fit around nursery and school times.  My second child is starting school this month and I was keen to change my schedule, keeping my hours the same, to work around drop-off and pick-up.  Again, my manager couldn’t have been more supportive and has agreed to my changes, so now I’ll be working my part-time hours across four days, giving me an office presence, albeit from home, four out of five days and also allowing me to drop-off and pick-up my children from school, which is one of my favourite parts of the day as it’s when they tell me all their tales!

- Amanda Harvey,  Commercial Analyst, SSEN Transmission


Flexible First(FF) is a complete game changer as it allows me more flexibility around my working hours which result in a better work life balance the benefit to the company is that I am a happier, less stressed, more productive employee. 

I understand the business has needs, and I reciprocate the flexibility offered to me, where I can. FF feels more like a partnership with give and take rather than the old rigid ways of working. I miss human interaction and banter, but you can have this from home, it just takes a bit more effort to call a colleague and have a chat about your weekend or TV last night!

- Vikki Mohamed, Change Readiness Agent, SSE Energy Solutions


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