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SSE is in the middle of a low carbon transition, that will mean it will achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at the very latest. For over 10 years, we have been transitioning from an energy company with a mix of electricity generation technologies, including coal and gas, to one increasingly dominated by flexible thermal technologies, renewable energy growth and providing the energy infrastructure needed for a low-carbon world. We need more people to help us on that journey. You can read more about our commitment to net zero and reducing our carbon emissions here.


We recognise transferable skills and support employees to learn new skills too

From engineering to project management or health and safety professionals, we understand that people currently in high-carbon industries or other sectors have a wealth of skills and knowledge which are transferable to our roles at SSE. Already more than 1 in 5 of our 10,000 employees have previously worked in high-carbon jobs, including at our Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm control room in the north of Scotland where two thirds of employees are former oil and gas workers. 


*Results from SSE all-employee survey in September 2021.

Hear about the experience of employees that have moved from oil and gas jobs to our Beatrice offshore wind farm control room in the video below.




We are committed to ensuring a fair and just transition to net zero for working people and encouraging more people in high-carbon jobs or other sectors to move into low-carbon careers at SSE. That’s why we were the first company in the world to produce a Just Transition Strategy and in 2021 published a set of commitments to support the worker transition.

This includes: not asking for specific low-carbon, such as renewables, experience within job adverts unless absolutely necessary; focusing on skills and strengths-based criteria for recruitment; paying for the acquisition of formal skills-based qualifications; and promoting a culture of continuous learning and development. See our just transition webpage for more detail on our approach to supporting a just transition.



What are the benefits of moving to a low-carbon career at SSE?

There are lots of great employee benefits when you work for SSE, and you can read more about them here. But we have also surveyed employees who have moved from high to low-carbon jobs to understand the benefits they have experienced from this switch. From better long-term career prospects and environmental considerations to learning new skills and a better work-life balance, there are lots of great reasons why we believe a low-carbon career with SSE will be the right choice for you.

SSE employees that have moved from high carbon roles:




Clothing, Apparel, Helmet, Hardhat, Person, Crash Helmet


But don’t just take our word for it. In our just transition employee survey, we asked ‘What would be your one piece of advice for someone thinking about transitioning out of a high-carbon sector and into a low-carbon role?’

Some of these pieces of advice from our employees are below, with all 137 responses provided verbatim in our Just Transition Report.




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