Proud to be powering change in the EV Sector

SSE is delighted to be part of a ‘Top Women in EV’ – a campaign designed to encourage greater gender diversity across the EV and engineering industry.

Each day the campaign shares a video of two women in the industry in conversation about what the representation of women looks like today and could look like tomorrow; and what can be done to break down and overcome any traditional gender preconceptions.

This video features two of SSE Enterprise’s leading lights in their growing EV sector: Dianne Smith, Project Development Manager in the EV Team and Charlie Barnes Electric Bus & Coach Depot Project Developer.

Kevin Welstead, EV Sector Director for SSE Enterprise, said: “We are delighted to get involved in the Top Women in EV campaign this year. For us, diversity of thought and action is critical to both our short term and long term success, and we have been very successful in bringing in some of the EV Industry’s most capable and innovative women. In this year of COP26, bringing new and fresh insight to developing our customers’ journey to Net Zero sits alongside the key principals of its climate change aspirations.”

Top Women in EV is an annual campaign celebrating women in the Electric Vehicle industry as well as creating actionable change to address gender imbalance across the industry. Its aim is to encourage companies in the sector to become a welcoming place for women, and attract those who are just beginning their careers.

The campaign is organised by Green.TV – a media channel in the e-mobility space, promoting it through their social media E-mobility Influencer Group with a total following of 500,000. Each day of the campaign shares a visual list of the daily top 10 of the women in each sector of the EV industry, highlighting their roles, their success and how they have contributed to the overall Electric Vehicles industry.