Rhyanna Thompson - IT Graduate

First, tell us a bit about yourself! What programme did you join at SSE and where are you based?  

I joined the SSE Corporate IT programme in 2021 and I am based in Reading.

What did you study at university?

At university I studied Information Technology for Business at Coventry University.

Which sectors did you consider applying to for your graduate role? What made you choose SSE and the area you are now working in?

I have always been interested in energy and advanced my knowledge by doing research into electric and autonomous vehicles for my dissertation. I had learnt a lot about the sustainability goals which make SSE a great company to work for as they care about the environment for now and for the future. My previous job was at a chemical company within their IT department which I thoroughly enjoyed.

How did you find the recruitment process?  Do you have any advice for students considering applying for the SSE Graduate Programmes?

I found the selection process exactly like most other companies, starting with submitting your CV and then if successful you would have to complete the online tests. In my case there were assessment centres but they were virtual (due to covid). During the session you have an individual section and a team exercise so my advice would be to prepare beforehand and be sure to research about the company.

Tell us a bit about your current role?

I’ve just started a new rotation in a different department. In my previous department, my role had a strong accounting focus and I had the opportunity to work on different tasks across the Finance sub-teams in the department. In addition, I worked alongside other graduates across the Group on a Graduate Sustainability Project, where we presented a winning project that champions SSE’s values with a strong focus on sustainability. These competencies helped me strengthen my knowledge and professional development in studying for the CA qualification and have greatly contributed to my career development. Besides technical training, there are other internal training opportunities offered, focusing on soft skills. I’ve learnt so much in such a short period, but the best part about the programme is taking up impactful work alongside bright graduates and colleagues who are extremely supportive and friendly!

Did you require any adjustments during the selection process, and would you be happy to share what support you received?

Personally, I did not require any adjustments however during the selection process if you do need any extra support then simply just state this and they will be happy to help!