David Watkins - IT Graduate

First, tell us a bit about yourself! What programme did you join at SSE and where are you based?


My name is David Watkins, I joined the Technology Graduate Scheme at SSE in September 2019 and I am based in Havant, Portsmouth.

What did you study at university? 

I am still doing university alongside the graduate programme. But I am currently studying a BSc in Computing, IT and Business through the Open University. I started in October of 2017, took a little break but back on it full time since last year.

Which sectors did you consider applying to for your graduate role? What made you choose SSE and the area you are now working in? 

This was the first sector I looked at applying for a graduate programme. I strongly agreed with SSE’s journey in a low carbon future and working towards Net Zero. The reason I chose SSE was that I was already working for the company on the retail side of the business. My passion has always been for IT so when I saw there was an opportunity to explore a career in that field of work I applied for the programme.  

How did you find the recruitment process?  Do you have any advice for students considering applying for the SSE Graduate Programmes?

I was quite shocked as I wasn’t aware of the multiple processes I had to go through before the final interviews, but I did like the idea of each chapter of the interview process building on from the last. In terms of advice, read up on the company and the kind of work they do before applying for the role. Understanding the employer’s goals and milestones so far will also give you a competitive step when applying for the programme.  

Did you require any adjustments during the selection process? 

I did not require any adjustments during the selection process, however, I knew there were options available to me if I needed them.  

Tell us a bit about your current role?

I am now off the graduate programme working as an Analyst Developer. Currently, I am doing a lot of work relating to the Microsoft Power Platform and how we can use this to improve and automate current processes within the business, adding value to the business where possible.  

Are you working towards a professional qualification?

Other than my degree, I am working towards Microsoft certifications, for the Power platform and Azure. My manager and team are very supportive of me getting these certifications. 

Anything else to add?

I learned throughout my time on the graduate programme about a passion I did not know I had until I was in the right placement with the right manager. SSE are great at finding an employee’s strong suits and encouraging them to push for greatness. I wasn’t very confident about programming when I first started the scheme, but I’ve come out the other end a lot more confident and ready to take on new challenges.